Velvac Blind Spot Detection Sets a New Safety Standard for Ambulance and Bus


Velvac Inc. (New Berlin, Wisconsin) introduced an easy-to-install, easy-to-use enhanced blind spot detection product for these specialty markets to reduce side swipe accidents.

Velvac’s 24Ghz radar based technology system assists in lane change maneuvers and rear cross traffic alerts. By providing audible and visual cues — from indicator lamps to dashboard icon alerts — Velvac’s system even features an alert during system failure which is unique to the industry. By designing the system to visibly flash and chime should there be a system failure, drivers know if the system is working.

Said Paul Hughes, Director of Sales & Marketing for Velvac, “How would you know it wasn’t working without this feature? Drivers could think the coast was clear to make a lane change. This system is the only one to alert drivers visibly if there was a malfunction or power loss, which is a critical requirement.”

Velvac’s product offers easy installation and integration on nearly every chassis in both OEM and aftermarket applications. Field tested for over three years and passing ISO 17387 and 16750 standards, the Velvac BSD product can also be used with Velvac’s exterior mirrors with in-glass icons, as seen on most automobiles.

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