SSI brings revolutionary product to North American battery market


Superior Signals Inc. (SSI) (Olathe, Kansas) announced the arrival of the Double Stack Manual Assist Bracket. In today’s world, where time is money; many businesses find themselves stacking two connectors to charge their batteries in less time. The manual assist bracket, now available at SSI, allows you to safely and efficiently stack two connectors to allow for higher power transmission.

The bracket helps eliminate injuries caused by excessive mating force, while also ensuring complete engagement to prevent electrical failures. Furthermore, they allow for the easier engagement and disengagement of the stacked connectors. These brackets work with SBE320, SBX350, and EURO 320 connectors and are simple to assemble and use. SSI has kits for both the truck/charger and the battery connection ends. These high quality brackets, made with plated steel, are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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