Rostra Accessories releases commercial-grade blind spot detection system


Rostra Accessories (Aberdeen, North Carolina) announced the availability of the 250-1930 Blind Spot Detection System. This innovative kit includes two rear-facing surface-mount sensors that can be installed onto the side of a work truck, service body, or utility van which detect moving vehicles in a driver's blind spot when being passed by another driver or during overtaking. At highway speeds, when motion is detected, the system illuminates low-profile warning LEDs which are installed into the vehicle's A-pillar and then further alerts the driver through an audible alert if they attempt a lane change while another vehicle is present.

“The steel bumpers on most light and heavy-duty trucks, as well as metal aftermarket service bodies, have always been an impediment to adding a blind spot detection system to a work truck because they block the signal from the sensor from penetrating the bumper itself. Rostra's surface-mount BSD sensors with integrated reflectors enhance the visibility of the truck to other drivers while providing this long sought after feature.” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.

Adding enhanced capabilities to the system, Rostra added Rear Cross-Traffic Alert functionality to aid drivers in backing out of or into a parking space by alerting them to motion in their blind spot from an oncoming vehicle by flashing the A-pillar mounted LEDs and providing audible feedback from the installed beeper.

While the BSD kit includes a 15' extension harnesses to connect the sensors to the system's control module, Rostra also offers a 15' extension harness kit (part number 250-1933) for vehicles that require more length.

Blind Spot Detection

Rear cross-traffic alert

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