Reyco Granning awarded sixth U.S. patent on ComfortMaster technology


Reyco Granning (Mt. Vernon, Missouri) was awarded sixth U.S. patent on ComfortMaster, the next generation of independent front suspensions. The system provides a combination of responsive handling and class-leading steer angle to increase driver confidence and improve maneuverability.

The ComfortMaster® represents our most thoroughly validated product ever. Because this technology is so unique, we thought it would boost confidence to go above and beyond our full menu of simulations and lab tests. So, we took a vehicle to the Navistar Proving Grounds and ran it through the rugged Altoona commercial bus route.

At an astounding 275 lb less than the legacy product we offer a true 60° wheel cut angle, the highest allowed on 365 tires yielding jaw-dropping maneuverability in tight spaces. Unlike the competitors our system is also compatible with 385 tires, with ComfortMaster® your chassis will be safer and will inspire confidence without sacrificing ride quality.

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