Ranger Design announces new ladder rack line


Ranger Design (Montreal, Quebec) announced the redesign of their Ladder Rack line. These racks have been reimagined to provide a tough, safe, and simple design in order to meet customers’ every need.

The new line includes the Low Roof Max Rack and the Cargo Rack, both which are launching April 12, and a new Clamp Rack and Combination Rack which will be available this summer. Already on the market is the rearing loading Access Stow Rack. 

Now, what is so special about these racks? First, the new Clamp Rack innovates with its inside hooks that guide the ladder during loading and unloading. Its throttle latch secures the ladder from the outside to avoid rungs, brackets, and gussets, and is designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact and avoid splinters from fiberglass ladders.

Also, all ladder racks have a compatible modular design. One platform is used to build the entire line. This means customers can purchase a base rack, like the Cargo Rack, and then upgrade it to any other one in the lineup, simply by purchasing an extra part. This eliminates the need to replace the entire rack, saving customers both their valuable time and money.

This is also easier and more cost-effective for Ranger Design distributors. Install time for upgrading a rack is faster, as there is no need to remove the base rack at all. The modular design also means there is less boxes required to build complete lineup, going from 105 down to 33. This is much easier to stock and will drastically reduce amount of space needed to store the parts. 

The goal with this line of new Ladder Racks is to provide customers with an efficient solution; a rack that can be depended on, a rack that can grow along with the customer.

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