InterMotive offers enhanced safety with new rear seat belt feature on CAN data product


InterMotive Vehicle Controls (Auburn, California) 
added rear seat belt sensing to its versatile Upfitter Interface Module (UIM) product. The UIM is a popular solution for new upfits or upgrading features to existing chassis, due to the product’s ability to access vehicle CAN data.

Through passive acquisition, the UIM enables users to activate or control equipment in customized ways.

Providing eight outputs and two inputs, the UIM is field programmable using multiple (Boolean) logic levels through InterMotive’s free graphical user interface. Pre-programmed modules are also available.

The rear seat belt feature includes a signal to detect if the buckles are fastened or not. Currently available on the Ford Super Duty chassis, this new element will help deliver improved safety options for upfitters and agencies.

The system is easily installed with plug and play connections to the OEM chassis. The UIM is available for Ford, GM, Stellantis and medium duty chassis. For more details, contact InterMotive’s master distributer, LGS Group, at 775-831-2002.

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