EBY Awarded RAM Bailment Pool


M.H. Eby (Blue Ball, Pennsylvania) announced it was awarded a RAM bailment pool for its Pennsylvania manufacturing and sales operations.  This will allow EBY to provide quick installation of its flatbed, landscaping, service, van and custom truck bodies on RAM chassis.

Over the years, EBY has built strong relationships with RAM commercial truck dealers, providing a wide variety of aluminum truck bodies to RAM Business Link and Certified Agriculture Dealerships through EBY factory stores and its distributor network.

“Our approach has always been to build and inventory standard products for faster availability,” said Charlie Horton, VP of Truck Body Sales for EBY.  “Having RAM work truck chassis on the ground and available to RAM dealers will be a huge advantage for our customers.”

EBY’s approach to design and manufacturing centers on the highest quality, longest lasting truck bodies.  Flexible tooling drives a wide product line that includes highly customized equipment designed for the railroad, tree care, utility, and home delivery markets.

“EBY’s emphasis in each of these markets is to improve operator safety and productivity,” Horton continued. “RAM’s product line-up and sales organization make it a terrific partner to focus on that mission and continue our rapid growth.”

For more information, visit mheby.com.

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