DewEze® Now Driving Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8


DewEze (Harper, Kansas) expanded its clutch pump kit offering to now include the new Ford 7.3L gas V8 engine. The instant mobile DewEze hydraulic power, combined with the most powerful V8 in its class, will provide durability, payload capability and towing needs to meet customer demand.

“This kit gives you ‘true mobile hydraulics’ teamed with the high output V8 gas engine in the Ford F650-750s,” said Dennis Roberts, National OEM Sales Manager.

The kit that is ready for installation on your tow trucks, bucket trucks and service trucks includes:
700609: 2021 Ford 650/750 7.3L Gas (PH14)

DewEze kits are engineered to fit three-quarter, one-ton, Super Duty and an increasing number of medium and heavy-duty trucks.

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