Allied Mobile Systems launches forward controls for Mack Trucks


Allied Mobile Systems (Dunn, North Carolina) announced the addition of "Forward Controls" for Mack Trucks. First introduced in 2019 on International Trucks, Allied's Forward Controls are possibly the most significant safety innovation on snow removal trucks in over a decade. Allied Mobile moved the most used equipment functions of a typical snow management truck from an out of reach console, to the truck's steering wheel. Operators of International and Mack trucks can now safely adjust general snow plow and spreader functions without taking their eyes from the road. By integrating the most frequently used functions into the steering wheel, drivers greatly reduce the amount of time spent searching and reaching for buttons and levers out of view. This allows for a more attentive driver who is able to adjust equipment on the fly without removing hands from the steering wheel and eyes from the road. Functions remain active on the main controller for times when the steering wheel is in significant motion. The Forward Control option is only available with Allied's Envision central hydraulic system. This is the industry's most forward thinking and advanced on the market. With major city and state municipal fleets already taking advantage of Allied's Forward Controls on International Trucks, Mack Truck operators can now experience the same benefits.

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