Transport Canada recalls of interest (August 2020)

Following are summaries of product recalls of interest by Transport Canada.

Transport Canada Recall #2020313

Manufacturer Recall Number 18E-109
Units Affected  64
Category Heavy Trailer
Recall Details
Issue: On certain trailers, the washers used for mounting the brake actuators may break. This can allow the actuators to loosen and could cause reduced braking. Safety Risk: Reduced brake performance can cause extended stopping distances and increase the risk of a crash. Corrective Actions: Stargate Manufacturing will notify owners and instruct you to contact TSE Brakes to order a replacement brake actuator mounting washer and nut kit.
Make Model Model Year(s) Affected

Transport Canada Recall #2020334
Manufacturer Recall Number 20S36
Units Affected  31
Category Truck - Med. & H.D.
Recall Details
Issue: On certain trucks, the underbody heat shields and other heat-protection components may be missing. As a result, the interior cabin floor and seat attachments could become hot during certain driving conditions. Note: This recall only affects trucks equipped with a 7.3 L gas engine. Safety Risk: If a person touches a hot floor or seat bolts, there could be a risk of a burn injury. Corrective Actions: Ford will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your truck to a dealer to install the missing underbody heat shield, thermal insulator patch under the floor mat, seat base covers, and seat bolt covers.