Stepping into the limelight

Published in the January 2019 issue of Fleet Affiliation

Fleet managers can have one of the most challenging jobs in a fleet organization. Partly, because the specialized skill set required to run and manage an efficient fleet often goes unrecognized by those outside the organization. Several strategies and opportunities are available to enable fleet professionals to further their skill sets and increase their organization’s overall efficiency. Begin by bringing the challenges into the limelight. Often fleet managers and professionals working behind the scenes are perceived as miracle workers and solution providers. This could be seen as a positive, although exposing challenges can build others’ awareness and give stakeholders new perspective. Additionally,  it can lessen the burden by aligning expectations with reality for those beyond the fleet circle. Some individuals prefer to stay in the background and not share successes; however, it is important for all to be recognized for their accomplishments.  

Knowledge is control
Having control over an operation is critical, and a vast amount of knowledge is required. Take time to review your knowledge toolbox. Identify some missing tools, then develop a plan. The biggest challenge most people face? They don’t have clarity about what they don’t know. Begin by identifying unsolved challenges. This step can reveal a missing tool in your knowledge toolbox. Once identified, it can be remedied. Successful fleet managers need information and education to stay efficient. Typically, rapid growth occurs in the vocational fleet space. New technologies, new regulations and new operations are several areas to continually review.

Taking advantage of every opportunity
The Work Truck Show® 2019 is scheduled Tuesday, March 5 through Friday, March 8, 2019 at Indiana Convention Center (Indianapolis, Indiana). Educational sessions, Fleet Technical Congress, Green Truck Summit, and Manufacturer and Distributor Innovation Conference begin March 5, and the exhibit hall is open March 6–8.

Many of you have made plans to attend and are already registered. I encourage those who haven’t, to do so today. The Show provides numerous opportunities to learn from industry leaders and network with like-minded peers and professionals.

Experience the sessions, events and opportunities for fleets at WTS19. Each year, offerings are customized based on feedback and insights from previous Work Truck Show attendees and industry trends. Additional meetings directly correlated to the fleet space provide networking opportunities with experts and peers.

By planning ahead, you can identify those missing tools from your knowledge toolbox and decide how best to acquire them.

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