The Work Truck Show Photos and Logos

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/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Innovation Award_Ranger Design.JPG 
Ranger Design Inc. wins Innovation Award for the Max View Partition. (Left to right: Steve Milizia, regional sales manager, Ranger Design; Jay Crowie, product manager, Ranger Design; Steve Carey, executive director, NTEA)
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Blues Bash.JPG 
The Jeremiah Johnson Band plays blues at the Slippery Noodle Inn for WTS Blues Bash.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Green Award_Altec.JPG 
Altec Industries wins Green Award for the JEMS 4 Series Jobsite Energy Management System. (Left to right: William Callis, senior account manager, telecommunications, Altec; Steve Carey, executive director, NTEA)
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor Interaction 2(1).JPG 
Attendees take a look at industry-leading products on the exhibit floor.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Blues Bash 4.JPG 
WTS Blues Bash at the Slippery Noodle Inn.
Pres Bfast 1 
President’s Breakfast & 52nd NTEA Annual Meeting.
1_show floor 2 March 3 
Business professionals connect at the Show.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Leno 2.JPG 
Jay Leno, former host of “The Tonight Show”, shares his insights at the President’s Breakfast.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Leno 3.JPG

Jay Leno gives the keynote address during the President’s Breakfast. 

Aerial floor
Attendees explore vocational truck and equipment offerings in the exhibit hall.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Aerial Show Floor.JPG 
The Work Truck Show 2016 features the newest industry products from hundreds of exhibitors.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 16.JPG 
New products on display at the Show.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 17.JPG
Attendees talk with exhibitors on the Show floor. 
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Ride-and-Drive 2(1).JPG 
Attendees explore the newest clean vehicle technologies at The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Ride-and-Drive 3.JPG
 Participants prepare to hit the road at The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive.
1a_gen next session 
Attendees learn effective leadership techniques at the Generation Next Leadership Workshop.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Isuzu Press Conference.JPG 
Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. highlighted upcoming product line expansions at The Work Truck Show 2016.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 9.JPG 
Show attendees discover new products on-site.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Crowded Floor.JPG 
The Work Truck Show is North America’s largest work truck event.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 5.JPG
More than 100 new industry products are being introduced at The Work Truck Show 2016.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 6.JPG
Attendees talk business on the Show floor.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show  Floor 11.JPG 
North America’s largest work truck event features more than 500,000 sq. ft. of vocational trucks and equipment.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Show Floor 1.JPG
The exhibit hall is packed with commercial vehicles and related products from leading OEMs, equipment manufacturers and upfitters.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Lightweight Vehicle.JPG 
GTA and Lightweight Materials Technology Council donate this Isuzu NRR diesel Class 5 truck upfitted with lightweight components to Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.
 /uploadedImages/Shelby Cobra.JPG 
Shelby Cobra replica, 3-D-printed by Cincinnati Inc., at The Work Truck Show 2016.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Hallway Crowds(2).JPG 
Crowds descend on the exhibit hall at the Indiana Convention Center for The Work Truck Show 2016.
 Lightweighting press conference
The Green Truck Association (GTA), an NTEA affiliate division, and its Lightweight Materials Technology Council facilitated donation of the Lightweight and Advanced Technology Demo Truck to Habitat for Humanity and ReStore. (L to R): Doyle Sumrall, Managing Director, NTEA; Brian Tabel, Executive Director of Marketing, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc.; Brodie Sears, Director of Community Development, Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity; Matthew Wilson, Chairman & CEO, Switch-N-Go, AmeriDeck & Bucks Divisions of Deist Industries Inc.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Ram Press Conference.JPG 
Ram Commercial executives unveil the latest products and commercial truck news at The Work Truck Show 2016.

/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Ram Session.JPG
Ram Commercial provides key technical information to help attendees prepare for the newest chassis specifications and issues that can affect body and equipment installation.

/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Mack Press Conference.JPG 
Mack Trucks introduced significant powertrain enhancements at The Work Truck Show 2016.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Mitsubishi Fuso Press Conference.JPG 
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. shared news on its FUSO E-CELL at The Work Truck Show 2016.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/International Press Conference.JPG 
International Truck is now offering Cummins ISL, as announced at The Work Truck Show 2016.

/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Knapheide Press Conference.JPG 
The Knapheide Manufacturing Company unveiled its new look at The Work Truck Show 2016.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Future of NGVs Session.JPG
Attendees gain a glimpse of the future from key leaders of companies directly involved in natural gas-powered vehicle development.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Maintenance and Repair Session.JPG 
Session attendees receive a thorough introduction to the elements of an effective maintenance and repair program.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Gen Next Take 5.JPG 
Generation Next, NTEA’s professional development network, hosted a networking event for members and those new to the work truck industry.
  /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/GTS Reception.JPG 
Attendees enjoy relaxed conversation at the Green Truck Summit Opening Reception.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Opening Reception.JPG 
The Work Truck Show 2016 Opening Reception in the JW Marriott’s Grand Ballroom.
  /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Opening Reception_2(1).JPG 
Networking at The Work Truck Show 2016 Opening Reception.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Ford Press Conference(2).JPG 
Ford Commercial Vehicles reveals details on the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty pickup truck and chassis-cab lineup.

/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Cummins Press Conference.JPG 
Cummins Inc. (Columbus, Indiana) introduced the 2017 B6.7 and L9 engines at The Work Truck Show® 2016.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Gary Meteer.JPG 
Gary Meteer Sr., director of commercial vehicle solutions for IHS Automotive, shares work truck industry market trends.
 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Educational Session(1).JPG  
The Work Truck Show 2016 offers a full slate of educational sessions.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/International Press Conference.JPG 
International Truck provides key technical information.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/GTS Outer Room(1).JPG 
Attendees grab helpful provisions before the Green Truck Summit.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Hallway Crowds.JPG 
Crowds arrive at the Indiana Convention Center for The Work Truck Show 2016.
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Fleet Management 101(1).JPG 
Work Truck Show session on fundamentals of truck fleet management. 

  /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/GTS Room Shot.JPG
Attendees learn about upcoming fuel and technology developments.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Lean Special Session(1).JPG 
Continuous improvement experts share techniques for boosting shop productivity and efficiency at The Work Truck Show.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/John Davis 2(1).JPG 
John Davis, host and creator of MotorWeek, returns as Green Truck Summit master of ceremonies.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/John Davis(4).JPG 
MotorWeek’s John Davis shares clean vehicle insights while serving as Green Truck Summit emcee.

Reuben Sarkar, DOE deputy assistant secretary for transportation, speaks at the Green Truck Summit.

 /uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/GTS Room Shot.JPG 
Opening morning of the 2016 Green Truck Summit. 

/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Work_Truck_Show/Media_Resources/Work_Truck_Show_Images/Keynote 2(1).JPG 
Reuben Sarkar, deputy assistant secretary for transportation at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), gives the keynote address at the 2016 Green Truck Summit.


Green Truck Summit

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