Remote Fleet and Mobile Work Crew Management Technologies Symposium

Tuesday, March 4, 9:00AM–4:00PM
Wednesday, March 5, 9:00AM-12:00PM

A big career opportunity for work crew managers and fleet-shop managers is to learn to manage mobile work crews and fleet-shop functions using mobile technology solutions. This session applies GPS, telematics, software, credit cards, mobile communications and world-class practices to the daily management of mobile work crew production, as well as HQs, fleet, shop, fuel and inventory support functions.

This Management Symposium, which includes a 150-page handout and two CDs, is designed for all mobile work crew and fleet management professionals, regardless of industry. Attendees will gain best practices and strategies that dramatically impact your mobile work crew and fleet-shop functions’ financial, operational and production performances.

Whether you operate 10 or 10,000 crews and units, this day and-a-half intensive program will help you discover how to:

  • Apply 20 benchmarks with more than 100 performance measures
  • Implement fleet rental chargeback systems
  • Apply 50 asset funding options to gain usage of vehicles and equipment
  • Implement The New Fuel Management Model
  • Implement The New Shop Management Model
  • Implement The New Mobile Inventory Management Model
  • Implement The New Mobile Work Crew Management Model
  • Cope effectively with blue-collar skills shortages using non-English-speaking labor pools
  • Compute the 12-step, fully-loaded labor rate
  • Calculate optimum staff levels using 18 benchmarks
  • Make optimum labor insource-outsource decisions
  • Apply more than 70 labor options to gain usage of labor
  • Implement purpose-built, near-real-time fleet management software
  • Apply remote GPS-telematics tracking to manage work crews and fleet assets
  • Avoid the top 10 causes of mobile technology implementation failures
  • Double hands-on production minutes per hour
  • Make optimum business management decisions using these new technologies

Symposium registrants will receive a 150-page handout and the FleetWhiz CD ($500 value) which helps managers make better, quicker and 100% defensible management, purchase and outsource decisions on a daily basis. The CD includes 36 Business–Fleet–Shop–Parts–Fuel–Employee–Supplier–Mobile Workforce Management Textbooks covering 2,500 topics over 7,500 pages.

Session participants will also receive the NTEA Vehicle Life-Cycle Cost Analysis CD ($89 value) which assists fleet managers in the evaluation of vehicle acquisition cost scenarios, including “what if” scenarios, and admission to all remaining  Work Truck Show concurrent educational sessions ($329 value).

Presented by: Kelly Walker, President, Kelly Walker Associates (Morristown, NJ); and Bob Johnson, Director of Fleet Relations, NTEA (Farmington Hills, MI)

Ticket required. Fleet and Mobile Work Crew Management Symposium Package includes admission to The Work Truck Show, conference sessions and lunch Wednesday–Thursday.