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Customer Service: Creating a World-Class Service Organization

Tuesday, March 4, 8:30AM–11:30AM

Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow

World-class customer service is not simply a matter of smiling employees who say “please” and “thank you.” Everything your customers see, hear or touch impacts their experience. “Everything speaks.” This program, presented by recognized speaker, trainer and consultant Dennis Snow, will highlight how delivering world-class service requires careful orchestration of the entire customer experience.

During this session, attendees will discover:

  • The key points of contact that make or break the customer experience
  • How to elevate the customer experience from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Customer service processes that make service excellence “business as usual”

Dennis Snow’s customer service abilities were honed over 20 years with the Walt Disney World Company, where he managed various operating areas throughout the park and learned what it takes to run a world-class, service-driven operation. He launched a division of the Disney Institute responsible for consulting with some of the world’s largest companies, including ExxonMobil, AT&T and Coca-Cola. He also spent several years with the Disney University, teaching corporate philosophy and business practices to cast members and the leadership team. Today, Dennis is president of consulting firm Snow & Associates, Inc., providing corporate training to such clients as Huntington Bank, BMW Financial Services, Florida State University and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Presented by: Dennis Snow, President, Snow & Associates, Inc. (Orlando, FL)

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