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The City of Indianapolis’ Commitment to Eliminating Foreign Oil Dependence for Fleet Operations by 2025

Tuesday, March 4, 4:30PM–5:15PM

Indianapolis Mayor Gregory Ballard has committed the City of Indianapolis to be free of foreign oil in its entire city fleet by 2025. With more than 4,000 pieces of equipment, including sedans, light-duty, heavy-duty and public safety vehicles, the City has developed a comprehensive implementation blueprint, including lessons learned. In this session, hear key details of the planning process as well as updates on the substantial progress made toward achieving this goal over the last year-and-a-half. Technology, new fuels, equipment and changes to business operations are all key ingredients to success.

Presented by: Jeremiah Shirk, Chief of Staff, Department of Public Works, City of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN); and Kellie L. Walsh, Executive Director, Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition (Mooresville, IN)