Exhibitor Awareness

Please be aware sometimes other organizations or companies will contact exhibiting companies to sell products or services that may not be legitimate. Below are several alerts of solicitations NOT affiliated with NTEA or The Work Truck Show.

NTEA is not affiliated with Conference Hub Center
It has come to our attention that Conference Hub Center is offering to sell what it claims is a list of Work Truck Show 2016 attendees to be used in multi-channel marketing solutions such as email campaigns, direct marketing, telemarketing, fax marketing, etc.

We have no affiliation with this company, and cannot vouch for the authenticity of its offerings. The NTEA does not partner with, or make its lists available to, other companies for the purpose of selling to exhibitors. For assurance of a legitimate list, please contact NTEA 1-800-441-6832, email kathy@ntea.com.


NTEA does not support FAIRGuide/Construct Data publishers
NTEA (and by extension, The Work Truck Show) does not support FAIRGuide. Please be aware that you may have received, or may receive, solicitation to be listed in FAIRGuide from Construct Data (its publisher). NTEA, itself, has also been solicited by this group. Construct Data previously operated out of Austria.

NTEA did not supply Construct Data Publishers with your contact information, and maintains no partnership or affiliation with them.

Further, NTEA maintains its own records of Work Truck Show exhibitors (which we do not sell), and produces its own Program and Events Guides.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this solicitation, as well as the manner in which you were solicited. NTEA had no knowledge of the solicitation of its exhibitors by this completely unrelated entity.

Unauthorized Work Truck Show housing calls
Through the due diligence of your fellow exhibitors, it has come to NTEA’s attention that several companies have been soliciting Work Truck Show exhibitors, implying that they are affiliated with The Work Truck Show or NTEA. Over the years, several Work Truck Show exhibiting companies have been taken advantage of and found their reserved hotel rooms to be in undesirable areas of the Convention city or not in close proximity to the convention center where The Work Truck Show and Annual NTEA Convention are held.

Please note that you will not receive any solicitation calls regarding hotel rooms from NTEA or any housing company affiliated with The Work Truck Show and NTEA Convention. Please make an informed decision if you are called and offered assistance in making your hotel reservations.

Unauthorized Work Truck Show Internet service provider
It has come to NTEA’s attention that Trade Show Internet has been soliciting Work Truck Show exhibitors to purchase a 4G Internet Kit and WiFi Hotspot Rental at the Indiana Convention Center.

Please note that Trade Show Internet is not affiliated with the NTEA, Work Truck Show or the Indiana Convention Center. You will not receive any solicitation calls or emails regarding Internet service at the Convention Center from the NTEA or any company affiliated with The Work Truck Show.

Internet access during the show is provided by Smart City, an exclusive contractor and authorized provider to the Indiana Convention Center. Please make an informed decision if you are contacted by Trade Show Internet and offered an Internet package.

If you have any questions, please contact NTEA at 800-441-6832.