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Generation Next Leadership Workshop & Networking Reception: How to Become a Superior Communicator


Wednesday, March 5, 3:00PM–5:00PM

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Communication is an important skill for any business leader to master, but many have not accomplished this objective. Seventy-percent of the American workforce identifies inadequate communication as the biggest problem in their companies today. Also, studies have shown that poor communication skills cost the average organization 25–40% of their budgets each year. Find out how to become a superb communicator during this lively and energetic presentation.

Doug Cartland
Doug Cartland
Participants will learn:

  • Three keys to making communication work
  • Eight ways to improve your listening skills
  • Ways to master non-verbal communication
  • How to effectively convey and receive directions
  • Tips for handling interruptions with ease

Presented by: Doug Cartland, President, DCI (Sharon, WI)

Ticket required. This Special Session is not included in any package.