Moment in time

NTEA wants to celebrate members' successes and histories. As one way to achieve this, we've established "Moment in Time." Each Thursday through social media, an NTEA member company is highlighted. And each month, two companies are featured in NTEA News

This week's featured member is Allied Body Works, Inc. (Seattle, Washington) - an NTEA Distributor member since 1987. More.

From far left, Charles "Walter" Bull and Owen Bull of Allied Body Works, Inc. meet with executives from Loomis. In the background are two armored cars Allied built for their customer - an example of the company's early truck body work. Allied was founded in 1947 by Charles "Walter" Bull and two close friends. The company was eventually owned by Owen Bull, Dick Minice and Dick Houghton. Dick Minice eventually became sole owner, and today, the company is owned by his son, Rich.

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View our slideshow of photos graciously contributed by NTEA members. These historical images showcase their businesses - and the work truck industry’s evolution - from the beginning to modern times.

If you haven’t yet submitted your photos and would like to be included in a future "Moment in Time," please send your photo and caption - including product name and era/year - to      

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