Enhanced member directory listing

Did you know the member directory is in the top five most visited pages on NTEA’s website? Help your customers find you easier by simply enhancing your listing. If you’re part of the NTEA family, your company is automatically in the online member directory and printed in the Market Resource Guide (the annual member roster).

View companies with enhanced listings

Upgrade your company listing. NTEA members can now customize their directory profile on ntea.com, creating an excellent platform to extend a marketing message and connect with customers. This directory is accessible to the public, and these new personalization capabilities allow members to get specific about what their business offers while differentiating themselves from the competition.

For a special $150 rate (effective May 1, 2018, rate will increase)
  • Elevate brand presence (company logo showcased online and in print)
  • Effectively market products/services (promotional message displayed in digital listing)
  • Boost social media presence (link to your company’s Instagram and YouTube accounts; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter connectivity options come standard)
If you have any questions, contact Bridget Hernandez, NTEA advertising manager, at 248-479-8917 or bridget@ntea.com.