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Coverage of NTEA's Truck Product Conference!

TPC LogoVocational truck professionals were in Dearborn, MI from September 16-18, 2014, for the unique opportunity to:

  • Hear the latest specs and design changes
  • Ask technical questions of OEM representatives
  • View and measure the newest offerings from 11 truck manufacturers.

Tuesday, Sept. 16:
Isuzu, Freightliner Trucks, Ram Commercial

Wednesday, Sept. 17:
Peterbilt, Mitsubishi Fuso, Kenworth, Chevrolet and GM Commercial Truck

Thursday, Sept. 18
Western Star, Hino Trucks, Toyota, Ford

View more photos from the 2014 Truck Product Conference!


ISUZU Logo NEWRepresentatives from Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. presented the most up-to-date technical information on Isuzu commercial trucks, including chassis specifications, design and body builder installation guidelines.

Isuzu  NPR XD_TPC 2014 2
Attendees closely examine the Isuzu NPR XD

An attendee measures the Isuzu NPR Eco Max

An attendee takes notes on the Isuzu NPR

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/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Association/Conferences_and_Training/Freightliner Logo.jpgFreightliner Trucks representatives discussed newly-released options and features. The session also included an open forum.

Freighliner 114SD_TPC 2014
Attendees take a look underneath the Freightliner 114SD

Freighliner_TPC 2014
Attendees discuss the chassis of a Freightliner vehicle

Freightliner 2 TPC 2014
Attendees measure the back of a Freightliner vehicle's cab

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TPC 2014 OEM Session
Attendees listen closely to an OEM presentation 
RAM commercial logo_2012Ram Commercial presented updated technical information on chassis specifications and addressed issues that can affect installation of bodies and equipment. The new Ram ProMaster City was also discussed.

Ram ProMaster City 3 TPC 2014
A Ram representative discusses the Ram ProMaster City

Ram ProMaster City Interior TPC 2014
Attendees take a look at the interior of the Ram ProMaster City

Ram 2500 Heavy Duty TPC 2014
A Ram representative explains the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty

Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Turbo Diesel TPC 2014
An attendee gets a good measurement of the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Turbo Diesel

Ram 1500 Eco Diesel TPC 2014
Attendees discuss what's under the hood of the Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

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/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Association/Conferences_and_Training/Peterbilt Logo 2013.pngPeterbilt Motors Company announced enhancements to the Model 337/348, including new engine, transmission and suspensions offerings, and will highlighted the new Model 220 launch with interior and exterior styling updates and new clear rail exhaust package. 
TPC 2014 Peterbilt 220
Attendees sit inside the cab of the Peterbilt 220

TPC 2014 Peterbilt 348
An attendee examines the Peterbilt 348

TPC 2014 Peterbilt 567
Attendees measure the Peterbilt 567

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TPC 2014 OEM Session 3
An attendee asks a question during an OEM presentation
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Association/Conferences_and_Training/Mit Fuso Logo.jpgMitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. reviewed the new 2015 Canter FE/FG-series trucks, covering all technical product information, chassis specifications, and body installation and mounting options.

TPC 2014 Mit Fuso FE180
An attendee checks out the FE 180

TPC 2014 Mit Fuso Canter FG4X4
Attendees examine the Canter FG4x4

TPC 2014 Mit Fuso FE130
An attendee gets a closer look at the FE 130

TPC 2014 Mit Fuso Canter FG4X4 2
An attendee takes notes on the Canter FG4x4

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kenworth(1)Kenworth Truck Company discussed the latest medium- and heavy-duty product offerings, body builder information and key technical highlights of the 2014 lineup.
TPC 2014 Kenworth K270 1
Attendees discuss the Kenworth K270
TPC 2014 Kenworth T880
An attendee looks under the Kenworth T880

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TPC 2014 OEM Session 5
Attendees listen to updates in an OEM presentation
/uploadedImages/NTEA_Site_Home/Association/Conferences_and_Training/GM Logo.jpgRepresentatives from Chevrolet and GMC presented technical information on chassis specifications, body installation and equipment mounting options. In addition, updated information was provided on body applications and alternative fuel solutions.
TPC 2014 Chevy 2500 HD
Attendees measure the Chevy 2500 HD
TPC 2014 Chevy Express
Attendees check out the interior of the Chevy Express
TPC 2014 Chevy Colorado
Attendees get a look under the hood of the Chevy Colorado
TPC 2014 Chevy Colorado 2
Attendees look under the Chevy Colorado and take notes

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Western Star Logo(2)Western Star representatives presented new options and features available.
TPC 2014 Western Star 4900XD
An attendee steps up to check out the Western Star 4900XD
TPC 2014 Western Star 4700SB
An attendee looks under the Western Star 4700SB

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TPC 2014 OEM Session 6
The audience listens as an attendee asks a question at an OEM presentation
Hino Logo NEWHino Trucks provided updated technical information on chassis specifications for both of its COE and conventional trucks, as well as issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment.
TPC 2014 Hino 195H
An attendee gets a good measurement of the Hino 195H

TPC 2014 Hino 195H 2
Attendees examine the Hino 195H

TPC 2014 Hino 268
An attendee snaps a shot of the Hino 268

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  TPC 2014 Ford F-650 Super Duty 
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.Toyota displayed a 2014 Tundra and 2014 Tacoma.
TPC 2014 Toyota Tacoma
Attendees get in the Toyota Tacoma
TPC 2014 Toyota Tundra
Attendee look under the hood of the Toyota Tundra

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Ford Logo_WTS22(2)Ford Commercial Truck presented product updates and its latest vehicle line innovations, as well as provided insights into current economic and business factors affecting the industry.
TPC 2014 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4X4
Attendees get a measurement under the hood of the Ford F-350 Super Duty 4x4
TPC 2014 Ford F-650 Super Duty
Attendees measure the back of the Ford F-650 Super Duty
TPC 2014 Ford F-750 Super Duty
Attendees examine the Ford F-750 Super Duty
TPC 2014 Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van
Attendees get a look inside the Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van

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