Association committees

Association Committees and Task Forces are composed of members of the NTEA Board. If you would like more information, please contact NTEA President/CEO Steve Carey.


  • Serves the staff function for the Board by preparing recommendations for Board action.
  • Acts on behalf of the Board when the Board cannot meet.
  • Establishes goals for and reviews President & CEO performance.
  • Establishes Board member performance standards and deficiency actions.
  • Initiates strategic activities and planning.
  • Functions as the OEM/Chassis Liaison Committee.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Wm. Craig Bonham, Safe Fleet, Board Chairman, Committee Chairman
Peter Miller, ProTech Industries, First Vice Chairman
Jon Sievert, Henderson Products Inc., Second Vice Chairman
Tina Albright, TBEI Inc., Third Vice Chairman/Treasurer
NTEA Staff Liaison: Steve Carey

Finance & Investment Committee

  • Prepares and monitors annual budgets.
  • Establishes NTEA Investment Policy and provides investment oversight.
  • Ensures proper organizational resources are available to accomplish approved work plans and goals.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Tina Albright, TBEI Inc., Committee Chairman
Wm. Craig Bonham, Safe Fleet
Jason Ritchey, Curry Supply Co.
David Scheitlin, Auto Truck Group LLC
Jon Sievert, Henderson Products Inc.
NTEA Staff Liaison: Steve Carey

Services Committee

  • Develops recommendations for new programs and services.
  • Guides and oversees activities related to the Association Work Force Development initiatives.
  • Provides oversight for existing programs and services and develops recommendations for program or service abandonment.
  • Develops recommendations for industry research projects.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
David Scheitlin, Auto Truck Group LLC, Committee Chairman
M. Travis Eby, EBY Truck Bodies (M.H. EBY INC.)
Ken Gillies, Element Fleet Management
Teresa Miller, American Midwest Fleet Solutions
Ben Winter,Transfer Flow Inc.
Shane Woodman, Onspot of North America Inc., Generation Next Chairman
NTEA Staff Liaison: Mike Kastner

Data Committee

  • Provides direction and oversight on the development of industry data, including body and equipment statistics that the Association does not currently generate or disseminate.
  • Develops strategies and programs and implements initiatives that will put the Association in the forefront of organizations developing data for the work truck industry.
  • Will develop a five-year plan of data building in order to achieve the above objectives.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Sean Moran, Stellar Industries Inc., Committee Chairman
M. Travis Eby, EBY Truck Bodies (M.H. EBY INC.)
Ken Gillies, Element Fleet Management
Eric Jones, Onspot
Nate Eichinger, Fontaine Modification
Neil Garlock, Auto Truck Group LLC
Todd Goldmeyer, Adrian Steel Co.
Todd Owsley, Altec Industries
NTEA Staff Liaison: Doyle Sumrall

Chassis Liaison Committee

Composed of Executive Committee members, this Committee is responsible for fostering better relations with the OEMs. Typically, the Committee is involved in at least one visit to OEM-member companies. Other Board members are occasionally asked to participate in the meetings.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Wm. Craig Bonham, Safe Fleet
Peter Miller, ProTech Industries
Jon Sievert, Henderson Products Inc.
Tina Albright, TBEI Inc.
NTEA Staff Liaison: Peter Hempenstall

Education Committee

The Committee is responsible for the development of the convention and trade show educational programs, along with other educational-based programming.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Calvin Geddings, Lee Transport Equipment Inc., Committee Chairman
Peter Miller, ProTech Industries, Convention Chairman
Ken Gillies, Element Fleet Management
Teresa Miller, American Midwest Fleet Solutions
Ben Winter, Transfer Flow Inc.
Jennifer Pellersels, Altec Industries, Gen Next Past Chairman
Michael Thompson, Reading Truck Group, Generation Next Vice Chairman
NTEA Staff Liaison: David Ehrlich

Board development & recruitment committee

  • The Committee is responsible for the outreach and recruitment activities to facilitate bringing forward the most qualified candidates for potential service on the NTEA Board of Directors.Ensures the Board’s culture and strategic focus is upheld.
  • Identifies any gaps in skills or constituency representation on the Board of Directors.
  • Actively recruits industry thought leaders for Board service.
  • Reviews candidate pool and makes necessary recommendation of final slate of candidates for consideration by the NTEA Board.
  • Acts as the primary point of contact through the recruitment, nomination, review and election process for candidates.

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Jon Sievert, Henderson Products Inc., Committee Chairman
Calvin Geddings, Lee Transport Equipment Inc.
Sean Moran, Stellar Industries Inc.
Adam Keane, Allied Body Works, Past President
NTEA Staff Liaison: Steve Carey

Member Verification Program (MVP) task force

2019-2020 Board Assignment:
Jason Ritchey, Curry Supply Co., Committee Chairman
M. Travis Eby, EBY Truck Bodies (M.H. EBY INC.)
Calvin Geddings, Lee Transport Equipment Inc.
Eric Jones, Onspot
David Scheitlin, Auto Truck Group LLC
NTEA Staff Liaison: Mike Kastner