NTEA’s vehicle certification label printing process fully transitions to WorkTruckCert

This article was published in the September 2019 edition of NTEA News.

In February 2019, the Association introduced WorkTruckCert – An NTEA & Dec-O-Art Resource as a next-generation tool to assist vehicle upfitting companies in meeting certification requirements. This powerful, cloud-based program has undergone extensive testing by NTEA members and industry stakeholders to ensure a system that far exceeds the Association’s Label Printing Program — a spreadsheet tool released in 2006. WorkTruckCert delivers a significantly enhanced opportunity for companies to archive vehicle records and helps document conformance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-required safety standards.

Functionality highlights

  • Enables certification label development/printing
  • Captures basic vocational data
  • Simplifies record retention
  • Makes it easy to correct/update your information before printing labels
  • Indicates body/major components mounted to a given vehicle
  • Allows work order number to be printed on corresponding certification labels
  • Supports meeting vehicle reporting needs
  • Accommodates online storage of relevant documents with associated notes/details to any given VIN (vehicle record) that’s part of a user company’s account
  • Facilitates document searches by designated VIN
  • Ensures easy lookup capabilities to locate historical information and identify jobs that should be on repeat order based on VIN

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Following deployment of WorkTruckCert, NTEA discontinued its Label Printing Program and is no longer supporting it as an option moving forward. To help companies smoothly transition to the new system, the Association has continued to make Printing Program label stock available for a limited time on Shop NTEA. However, this label stock will be discontinued Oct. 30, 2019. We wanted to give you advance notice to allow you ample time to migrate to the WorkTruckCert program and receive support from our team of experts.

WorkTruckCert access is free to NTEA members (label stock purchase fees apply); nonmembers can purchase a subscription. Label stock that’s compatible with the new system can be purchased directly through the Shop WorkTruckCert marketplace (pricing is consistent with NTEA’s discontinued label stock).

To use WorkTruckCert, you’ll need to create an account and keep a credit card on file. This payment method will enable convenient label stock purchases (NTEA members receive discounted pricing). For nonmembers, the credit card on file will also be used for the annual $495 subscription fee.

Learn more about WorkTruckCert at ntea.com/worktruckcert; we offer a variety of onboarding resources, including FAQs. Contact NTEA with any questions at info@ntea.com or 800-441-6832.