NTEA’s BHMC maintains dump body and conversion hoist database

This article was published in the October 2017 edition of NTEA News.

Founded in 1978, Body & Hoist Manufacturers Committee (BHMC) is one of NTEA’s oldest affiliate divisions. Composed of dump body and conversion hoist manufacturers, the group developed and maintains dump body and conversion hoist charts available at ntea.com/technicalresources.

These charts are based on precise mathematical formulas, allowing evaluation of differing hoist styles on an equal basis and providing lifting capacity comparisons across various dump body and conversion hoist models. With more than 1,000 unique hoists in the database, fleets, municipalities and end users can use these charts to assess hoists for a range of dump, contractor, and grain and farm-style dump bodies based on capacity within a given class rating.

BHMC also stays up-to-date on technical and regulatory matters related to installing and utilizing truck bodies and hoists. In short, it supports production and implementation of safe, efficient equipment.

To learn more, visit ntea.com/bhmc or contact Bob Raybuck, NTEA director of technical services, at bob@ntea.com.