XL Hybrids recognized as Ford Electrification Qualified Vehicle Modifier


XL Hybrids Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts) announced the company has been awarded Electrification Qualified Vehicle Modifier (eQVM) status in the new Ford certification program. The eQVM program builds on the success of the Advanced Fuel QVM program Ford launched in 2010 and expands available alternative power options to include electrification systems. By expanding its industry-renowned Qualified Vehicle Modifier program to include electrified vehicles, Ford recognizes the value of plug-in electrified and hybrid electric vehicles for comprehensive and innovative fleet fuel efficiency and sustainability programs. XL Hybrids was first recognized with the eQVM status in December 2016 by meeting the high standards for design, manufacturing, and quality controls for upfitting new Ford vans and trucks.

“We are honored to be the first modifier certified in Ford’s new eQVM program,” said Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer, XL Hybrids. “Another major distinction is that XL Hybrids is both an eQVM technology provider and an eQVM installer at our Boston facility. Several of XL Hybrids’ Ford shipthru upfit partners supporting the Kansas City, Missouri, and Avon Lake, Ohio Ford truck plants have also completed the eQVM Installer audit process.”

XL Hybrids’ electrification solutions for fleets include its award-winning XL3™ Hybrid Electric Drive System, as well as its recently announced XLP™ Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle solution. Currently XL Hybrids sells electrification system upfits for the full range of Ford Class 2 and larger vehicles, including the Transit, E-Series, and F-Series platforms. XL Hybrids’ electrification systems have been installed via serial OEM ship-thru production at upfitters since launching its products more than four years ago.

Ford has had a QVM program for vehicle modifications since the mid-1980s. Several years ago, Ford asked XL Hybrids to participate in developing the electrification “eQVM” program, which includes Ford’s  common vehicle modifier guidelines, while also developing additional guidelines specific for electrification solutions. 

“XL Hybrids’ business and technology strategy has been designed to align with Ford’s corporate electrification vision, while at the same time providing cost-effective fleet solutions that complement Ford’s chassis, gas powertrain and safety systems, ” said Dr. Ed Lovelace, chief technology officer, XL Hybrids. “We retain everything that is great about Ford’s products by replacing only the OEM driveshaft to deliver a complementary electrification solution. Our solutions are Fleet-Ready™ because we are building on an OEM product that fleets trust for operations and durability, while maintaining Ford’s warranty.”

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