Work Truck Solutions launches new packages to revolutionize commercial vehicle sales


Work Truck Solutions, the company providing software as a service for commercial vehicle dealerships, is announcing a major release of new solutions. They now offer three packages, each tailored to business goals voiced by their dealer partners. Each package offers different levels of inventory management, analytics, sales tools, SEO support, and marketing services.  

"Over the last six years evolving our solution, developing our service, and growing our dealer network - over 900 dealers now - we have been listening carefully to dealers who want to be successful selling commercial. We are very excited and proud to offer these new options for them," says Kathryn Schifferle, founder and CEO of Work Truck Solutions. "These options will give dealers the flexibility to tailor the service to their needs.”   


The three Commercial Vehicle Management packages offered by Work Truck Solutions are: Essentials, VIP, and VIP+Boost.    

Essentials provides dealers with comprehensive commercial vehicle management, a nationwide trade and locator network, sales and prospecting tools, plus basic SEO and analytics.  

The VIP package adds specialized call management, used commercial, custom exports, historical purchase info, and advanced data and analytics. VIP dealers will have access to detailed reports on inventory, sales team, web traffic and other metrics. A Dealer Success Coach will also provide consultations to put the reportsinto context, providing specific insights and recommendations based on the VIP dealer’s data. Other benefits include enhanced dealer trade settings and content pages to support SEO.  

VIP+Boost includes everything from the Essentials and VIP packages, along with highly-targeted commercial email marketing and
 social media ad campaigns. VIP+Boost drives relevant traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the dealership’s existing mailing lists to the dealer’s commercial inventory.  

“We are proud we provide dealers with the most optimized way to display their commercial inventory on their website for commercial buyers,” Schifferle continues. “Our new packages take our commitment to commercial dealer success a step further and offer dealers visibility, flexibility and control over their commercial business.”  

The packages were unveiled on November 1st and are now available to all dealerships. A full comparison of each package can be found on their new pricing page at All packages include Work Truck Solutions’ new On-Demand interactive training. 
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