Wheels Inc. collaborates with Toyota to offer expanded vehicle connectivity


Wheels Inc. (Des Plaines, Illinois) announced a collaboration with Toyota Connected North America that will enable its customer companies to unlock a range of information from their Toyota vehicles that offers valuable insights on driving behavior and better positions them to improve the safety of their fleets. 

“As the world becomes more connected, Wheels is committed to leading the way in helping fleets take advantage of the opportunities this presents,” said Ahsan Rahim, chief operating officer of Wheels Inc. “Not just because our clients can benefit from accessing this data to improve their safety and overall performance, but also because connectivity is the foundation upon which autonomous vehicles will be based. Collaborations such as this help ensure we will be ready to support autonomy as soon as it becomes viable for fleet.”

Wheels will integrate available information from Toyota vehicles equipped with the company’s latest data communication module directly into Wheels’ FleetView™ and DriverView™ online user portals. This will include a range of telemetry (GPS, speed, odometer) and driving behavior data (harsh cornering, braking and acceleration) as well as key vehicle diagnostics such as tire pressure. The information will be presented clearly and concisely in conjunction with existing fleet data, helping clients make strategic decisions on the management of their fleet.

“Achieving vehicle connectivity was once limited to a plug-in device, but vehicle manufacturers are entering the space and providing integrated solutions,” said Sara Sweeney, senior product manager at Wheels. “Clients are looking for diversity – a variety of programs to fit their needs. Wheels builds solutions to meet those needs.”

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