SWS Warning Lights Inc. introduces TITAN series


SWS Warning Lights Inc. (Niagara Falls, Ontario) introduced the TITAN series, a modular lighting line that is water proof and corrosion proof. It was created to withstand the most unrelenting conditions imaginable.

SWS developed a light that is field replaceable in under a minute with zero downtime.

The TITAN can be used as a rugged standalone perimeter light or as a non-metallic modular light head. The stand- alone version is perfect for the unrelenting environment that is your vehicles grill while the modular light head is the heart of our new 57000 series traffic arrows and directors.

This innovation was designed with ultrasonic welding to create an IP68 (Solids and liquids protection rating) rated housing which completely protects the electronics. It also has a 12 merged TIR optic design to provide a blistering light output while consuming less than 400 milliamps of power (0.4A).

For more information, visit swssafety.com.

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