Ranger Design adds accessories to QuickShip program


Ranger Design (Montreal, Quebec) announced more accessories were added to the QuickShip program. Products on QuickShip ordered from Ranger Design before 1 p.m. EST ship from their factory the next business day.

Ranger Design promotes getting the tradesman on the road faster with the proper tools needed to excel in their daily tasks.

The following products will be available on QuickShip at the beginning of 2019:
  • A Universal LED lighting kit for the tradesman’s work van will be launched. This new lighting system will help you find items in your van at any time of day or night.
  • The Flettner vent extracts heat and cool in the inside of your vehicle, removes moist and humid air and reduces condensation. Most of all, it is eco-friendly wind powered, therefore eliminating running and maintenance costs.\
  • Window grills protect your vehicle and everything inside it. Solid, and easy to install, using a painted steel mesh construction, they are available for several vans.
The finishing details are just as important when you are setting up your commercial van as they are when you are on the job site. Think of accessorizing your van with products that will bring value to you and your business.

For more information, visit rangerdesign.com.

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