PPG launches new 2.1 VOC Fast Dry Sealer


PPG (Strongsville, Ohio) added F4943 2.1 VOC Fast Dry Urethane Sealer to its DELFLEET® Evolution brand lineup. Formulated through PPG’s innovative urethane technology, the new sealer is lead- and chromate-free and fully compatible with all Delfleet Evolution primers. A 2.1 VOC rating makes the sealer compliant for all parts of the United States and Canada.

F4943 has been designed to provide excellent gloss holdout and fast dry times. It can be topcoated in as little as fifteen minutes, making it particularly appropriate for production-focused fleet refinishers. The advanced sealer also has an improved pot life of up to three hours and a recoat window extending to three days.

“PPG is pleased to offer F4943 to our customers. This is an excellent sealer that has surpassed our own high expectations,” said Scott Colvin, product manager, commercial transport, PPG. “We originally developed F4943 as a small-repair product; then we saw that its melt-in properties and gloss retention characteristics were so effective that we realized it was suitable for larger repairs as well. Shops that are interested in reducing refinish time and boosting throughput should find this new sealer a welcome addition to their process.”

Colvin also points out that the new sealer lays down smooth and blends in well with coatings layered over it, all the while maintaining good color retention. F4943 works with Delfleet Evolution’s existing F4933 Fast Dry Hardener and is available in black, white and gray.

For more information, visit ppg.com.

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