Minimizer introduces Insert-Style Slick Plate


Minimzer (Blooming Prairie, Minnesota) unveiled the Insert-Style Slick Plate. It is specifically designed for trucks that have Holland fifth wheels with built-in lube plate inserts. These models include the Holland FWAL, FW31 and FW33 fifth wheels.

"Minimizer's new Insert-Style Slick Plate compliments our line of other greaseless products that truly do help truck drivers get rid of that mess with a solution that lasts longer and costs less in the long run," Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg said.  "We're excited to offer this solution for customers that are looking for the longest lasting insert on the market today."

The Insert-Style Slick Plate joins the 5th Wheel Slick Plate, Trailer Slick Plate, and Slick Disk as Minimizer products designed to 'lose the grease.'

"Nobody likes grease," Kruckeberg said.  "I hated when I had to clean grease off my father's truck, but in those days, you had no choice.  Now you do."

By using the Minimizer Insert-Style Slick Plate, truck drivers and fleets no longer have to grease the fifth wheel's top plate.  It simply makes things easier and cleaner, plus it saves money.

"All of our products are Tested & Tortured to save you time or money," Kruckeberg said.  "The Insert-Style Slick Plate does both.  This product will save you money on grease and the messy time it takes to grease the fifth wheel plate."

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