InterMotive designs bus seat belt warning system for Freedman Seating


InterMotive Vehicle Controls (Auburn, California) 
developed Safe-T-Seat™, a Seat Information Tracking (SIT) system exclusively for Freedman Seating Company (Chicago, Illinois).

On the heels of proposed rulemaking proceedings to require belt use warning systems in buses, Safe-T-Seat offers a practical resolution. The SIT system displays and tracks the occupancy and belt status of passenger seats and provides audible and visual warnings for the driver.

“With this exclusive product, Freedman can present a long-desired solution to the seat belt challenge,” said InterMotive President Greg Schafer. “Drivers need a way to ensure passengers are really wearing their seat belts.”

The system will trigger an alert if an occupant sits but does not buckle or buckles before sitting. The system can also record and store data in case of an accident.

Each seat sensing module communicates wirelessly for up to three seating positions. It allows for an expandable system with up to 90 seats for larger vehicles. An alternate battery power option enables the system to be easily retrofitted on older vehicles.

Installation is simple with plug and play connections. A downloadable app lets the user custom configure the seating layout on the tablet.

“Safety is our number one priority, said Craig Freedman, CEO of Freedman Seating Company. “We’re excited to be able to offer our complete occupant protection system (COPS) with our partner, InterMotive.”

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