InPower announces several new products


InPower (Lewis Center, Ohio) recently launched new electronic solutions for a wide-range of applications requiring vehicular power, monitoring or control.

InPower’s new VCM-24 offers monitoring, control of 24V loads 
InPower’s new VCM-24 Low Voltage Disconnect protects the chassis battery when the engine is not running by automatically disconnecting 24-volt loads if battery voltage reaches a critical level.
The VCM-24 Series of solid-state, low voltage disconnects is easy to install with a four-wire terminal configuration and two conductor power cables typically used with 24-volt power point supplies.
The VCM-24 contains a microprocessor controller and a solid-state 10 amp power switch for powering output loads. The output provides over-current fault shutdown protection, while the module continuously monitors the voltage level of the 24-volt power input.
With the standard VCM-24, a timer starts when the voltage drops below 25.6 volts. If the voltage remains below 25.6 until the timer expires, the power switch turns off, disconnecting the power to the loads. If the voltage drops below 23.6 volts with the timer running, the power switch shuts off immediately. Any time the input voltage increases above 26.5 volts, the power switch turns back on to supply power to the loads and the timer resets.
“While the VCM-24 comes standard with pre-determined voltage thresholds, programmable voltage thresholds are also available,” said J. Patrick Sullivan, InPower’s Operations Manager. “We also offer several models with different shut-off timer values, but the timer function is also programmable based on our customers’ individual needs.”
In addition, the VCM-24 is compact and features a durable metal case to withstand demanding operating conditions.

InPower’s new module provides start/stop control for GM trucks 
InPower has developed the SS-GM-01, a start/stop control module for 2017-2019 General Motors C3500 to C6500 trucks that are manufactured with Power Takeoff (PTO) and remote PTO controls enabled.
“With proper application of the SS-GM-01 start/stop control module, our customers will be able to implement a fully integrated and reliable system for start/stop control of the chassis engine,” said J. Patrick Sullivan, InPower’s Operations Manager.
When first powered up, the SS-GM-01 will be in Engine Off Mode. When a momentary ground is applied to Input 1, the start/stop module will activate the remote start sequence. Once the engine is running, if a momentary ground is again applied to Input 1, the start/stop module will activate the remote stop sequence.
In addition, the SS-GM-01 may be programmed to provide other functions, such as dual voltage monitoring of chassis and auxiliary batteries, and frequency/time measurement.  
“Along with providing a reliable start/stop interface, our new start/stop module can be readily customized,” said Sullivan. “The additional frequency measuring input pin can monitor a variety of signals, while the extra output can be used to activate PTO Set 2 High Idle Speed. There are also two voltage monitoring pins. Since every application is different, we encourage customers to contact us for assistance in fully defining how the SS-GM-01 can best be utilized for them.”

InPower’s first Boom Out of Stow safety interlock now available
InPower’s new Boom Out of Stow safety interlock is designed to be easily integrated into Ford and General Motors trucks that have a boom or bucket.
The interlock system locks the shifter for Park Brake set or Boom Out of Stow, preventing the vehicle from being moved when the boom or bucket is in use. Likewise, the boom cannot be operated unless the vehicle is in Park and the Park Brake is set.
InPower’s Boom Out of Stow interlock system has a compact control/display module that mounts on the dash and has indicator lights, so the driver can quickly see the status of the stow circuit. The “plug-and-play” chassis wiring harness has two T-cables that connect to the shift lock solenoid and park brake switch for easy installation. The harness also has a Molex connector for connecting to +12 volt ignition power and the Boom Out of Stow switch input. Optional auxiliary contacts are also available for boom interface.
“Our new Boom Out of Stow enhances safety when booms or buckets are in use by locking the shifter in Park, so the vehicle cannot be put into gear until the boom or bucket is safely stowed,” said J. Patrick Sullivan, InPower’s Operations Manager. “The mounted in-dash display makes it easy to see the boom or bucket status at a glance, as the indicators flash yellow when the stow circuit is open."

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