Future Line opens new manufacturing facility


Future Line Manufacturing (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) announced the opening of its latest innovative manufacturing facility. The 18,000-square-foot facility is designed and equipped to manufacture Future Line’s rapidly expanding line of aluminum truck bodies. The new facility is the fourth expansion for the 22 year old company.

Future Line recently introduced a proprietary and exclusive boxed extrusion all-aluminum truck platform allowing for reduced mounting height, less debris build-up and additional structural integrity. According to Brett Wilson, co-owner, Future Line, "The cross-members of a traditional truck platform, whether steel or aluminum, has been a collection point for all types of road and job-site debris. Our proprietary and exclusive design eliminates this issue nuisance issue and keeps the underside of the platform free from weight-adding and hard-to-clean debris." He added, “Future Line is dedicated to offering comprehensive small and large fleet solutions and the new proprietary and exclusive Boxed Extrusion truck platforms are a big step in that direction."

New facility – building for the future
New and innovative products demand new and innovative manufacturing capabilities. If a product vision can’t be properly executed then opportunities are lost. The new Future Line facility offers 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space as well as an additional 12,000 square feet of outside storage.

Two of the state-of-the-art pieces of equipment are a four-axis aluminum extrusion machine and a Fiber Laser System. Wilson explained, “The four-axis aluminum extrusion machine eliminates the need for ‘fixturing’ a platform. The ‘key and tab’ method we use allows us to be much more precise. The Fiber Laser System is a very precise way for us to cut and trim aluminum sheets.”

The new facility also boasts equipment upgrades such as a 200T Press Brake, a CNC Turret Punch Press, Push/Pull and TIG welders and an extrusion up-cut saw. “We are really prepared to provide our dealers, distributors and fleet customers with the most advanced aluminum products available,” Wilson concluded.

Future Line product line
Quality, efficiency, durability – that’s how Future Line products are designed and manufactured. Our customers know that we are continuously upgrading the designs and assembly process to make Future Line products the best in the industry.
Future Line uses top-quality aluminum and custom extrusions, and we believe we have the strongest, lightest, and highest-quality products available. Unwavering attention to detail saves customers money - making aluminum the most affordable choice. The bottom line is Future Line offers one of the most comprehensive product lines in both standard and custom applications. And, we are able to customize any of our products to fit your specific job needs.

For more information, visit futurelinemfg.com.

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