2017 Truck Product Conference special displays

Tuesday, Sept 26. and Wednesday, Sept. 27
10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Market analytics
IHS Markit will be displaying its statistical and lead generation capabilities.

  • Statistics. Identify vehicle activity within a geographic area in two ways: new registrations (first time vehicle has entered the market) by month, quarter or calendar year and total vehicles on the road (vehicles in operation) by calendar year quarter. Either data source can be used to identify vehicles by make, model, vehicle type, model year, vocation/SIC code, fleet size and composition.
  • Lead generation. Pinpoint fleets within a given area and their business type (i.e., school bus or retail delivery). Information accessible for each business includes: company name, address, contact name, contact phone number, email address (availability varies by geographic area), fleet size, and composition by vehicle type and make.

From 10 a.m.–3 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday, representatives will be on hand to provide data samples for a specific geographic area and discuss customization options.

Training options
VRSim (vrsim.com) creates virtual reality, interactive simulations for training in manufacturing and construction industries. Its products integrate game-inspired design (known to accelerate learning) together with virtual reality and interactive simulation technology to deliver cost-efficient, safe and effective training to skilled trades.

  • SimSpray is a VRSim product (simspray.net) with immersive virtual reality coatings simulation that assists in teaching spray painting, powdercoating and blasting fundamentals, and is designed to augment traditional training methods. SimSpray engages trainees to develop the necessary coatings application skills without material cost and environmental hazard. SimSpray improves training by immersing students in realistic 3D environments with interactive projects, live scoring, and intuitive visual cues. Students learn proper equipment setup, body positioning, and gun movement through increased hands-on practice. Instructors can customize the training experience through custom projects and curriculums. Training is quicker, safer, and more cost-efficient than traditional training methods.
  • SimBuild (simbuild.com) is an educational software platform in which trainees use interactive simulation and game-based features to explore and experiment in the safety of a simulated environment. This technology teaches safe practices, tools, processes, and terminology and math skills needed to be job-ready in the manufacturing and construction trades.

​Attendees can stop by this display from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. ​​Click on the images below for a larger version.


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